TENBY 10K 26 JULY 2020 11.00 AM

Route Map

Description of the Route

The route is: Start on St Julian's St, opposite FBM Holidays. Head up St Julian's St on to High St. Straight down High St and turn left down White Lion St. Turn left onto South Parade and head all the way down to the Esplanade. Run along the Esplanade and (this is the new bit) turn right on to Sutton St, left on to South Cliff St, then left down Picton Terrace. back on to the Esplanade. From there the route turns right on to Victoria Street then right on South Cliffe St. followed almosts immediately with a left on to Culver Park. Turn right on to Trafalgar Road followed by a sharp left on to Upper Park Road. Just before reaching the Green you will turn left and run through the car park, turn right on to the Salterns and then left on to Marsh Road. Follow Marsh Road all the way out to the end of Penally where you turn right in to the village. Follow the road through the village back to Marsh Road where you turn left and head back to the Green. Turn right up Greenhill Road, left on White Lion Street and right on to High Street. Follow High Street down to Tudor Square where you will finish to the cheers of the crowds.

Water stations will be situated along the course at approximately 3km, 6km and 8km.

Course Map